October 2, 2022

From a Dream, to a Dream Home

From a Dream, to a Dream Home
Back in February, I received a call from a couple in another state. They had seen a luxury home on 30A for sale that they really liked, but then the listing disappeared, so they asked for my help. I let them know that the seller had decided to take the home off the market, but that we would find the right home for their family.
The search was slow to begin with. They loved everything about that first home, so any replacement had to be just as perfect. Some were close, but there were non-negotiables and it seemed like nothing ticked every box: The home would have to be on he south side of 30A, have plenty of outdoor living space, and have a larger-sized pool. We came close on a few properties, but with the limited inventory we had in early 2022, there were only a handful of homes that were even contenders. Not to be deterred, we continued our search with a vengeance. In addition to the properties on the market, I reached out to my network of agents in the area for other possibilities. We even looked at homes that had been built over the past several years that were not on the market, and I made the appropriate contacts to see if they might be open to selling. Since they live out of state, we spent hours and hours texting, emailing, and talking on the phone. I found more than 100 possibilities, but none were just right for my buyers.
Finally this summer, they came to town for a week for a family vacation. While they were here, they fell in love with Inlet beach. Immediately adjacent to 30A, Inlet Beach is one of the fastest-growing locations for high-end homes on the Emerald Coast. We looked at lots of homes while they were in town, but again, we found nothing that was just perfect. However, we had hope: They had found some house plans that they really loved. What if we could find a lot where they could have the house, yard, and pool that they wanted?
That may sound like an easy task. but in this market, vacant land is hard to come by. Many people would prefer to build a home and sell the house and lot together. They did find two lots with great views of the Gulf that they really liked, but there was one problem: They weren’t for sale. So, I went to work again.
After researching the two options, I reached out to an agent who I knew represented the individual who actually owned both of the lots my buyers loved. I knew it might take a lot of convincing of the property owner. While he owns a large amount of land in our area, he had never sold any of it. Undeterred, I asked his agent to approach him about the possibility and get back to me. He did, and he came back with a number he was willing to sell for. We countered with another number. Within a few days, we were able to come to an agreement on price.
Incredibly, there was still yet another issue. Due to an earlier lot split, there was some gray area and some questions about the buildable area on the lot. It looked like they might not be able to build their dream home there after all. But I was not about to give up when we were so close to their dream! Along with the seller’s agent, we talked to and worked with experts on zoning and the law, county officials, and others to bring clarity to the concerns. Ultimately, we received the confirmation we needed from the county: They would, indeed, be able to build a home of the size and layout they wanted on this property.
We closed on the purchase in August, more than six months after that first phone call. It was a long road, but it was more than worth it to know that my buyers will now be able to build a home that exactly suits them and the needs of their family. And when it’s completed next year, you can bet I’ll be the first one at the door to congratulate them and help celebrate their dream becoming a reality.

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